10 Steps to Conducting a Successful PPC Audit for Your Safari Business

Marketing | 06 / 03/ 2023

If you are reading this blog, you are probably aware of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. As more than 64% of searchers click on advertisements when they are looking for safari & tour operators online.

The pay-per-click advertising can be really beneficial when it comes to driving traffic to your safari website. But to tell you the truth, a powerful PPC campaign is one where you are constantly improving, analyzing, and testing your Ad campaign, which can be achieved by doing a PPC audit.

As we move forward with exploring more about PPC audit, we will uncover the below aspects:

  1. What is a PPC audit?
  2. Why should you invest in a PPC audit?
  3. How to perform a PPC audit in 10 easy steps?
  4. What are the next steps?

Let’s learn more!

What is a PPC Audit?

A PPC audit is a thorough examination of your PPC account to evaluate performance, assets, weaknesses, and areas that could be improved for better results for your safari business.

A PPC audit examines the cost and returns of your ad campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads to evaluate the short and long-term success of your paid advertising strategy. To maximize the effectiveness of your PPC campaign, PPC account audits should be conducted frequently.

PPC examinations may assist your marketing effort whether your account is performing admirably or inconsistently.

Why should you invest your time in a PPC audit?

You may have heard about the concept of PPC audit from various sources, but do you really understand the benefits of conducting a PPC audit?

There are more than one reasons to consider auditing the Ad Campaign for your safari & tour website. We have listed out only a few of them:

– As you are investing time and money into running your PPC campaign, you will want to know if your strategy is performing well to your expectations or not. By a PPC audit, you will know what is working for you and what is not over the years.

– You can identify the technical setting mistakes with your campaign and address them as necessary with the assistance of a PPC audit.

– You will understand how your target audience is interacting with your Ad. Discover which part of your Ad is most liked and which aspects need to be improved.

– Analyse which ad configurations are resulting in a decreased cost per click and increased click-through rate for your safari business.

Although it may seem tedious to evaluate each component, it is essential to make sure your PPC is as effective as possible to avoid wasting money. Because every safari operator focuses on cutting down costs on their ad spend while reaching their target audience with increased revenue or conversion rate.

How to perform a PPC audit in 10 easy steps?

Step 1: Define Your Goals

Safari businesses set up Ad campaigns for a number of reasons, for example, they want to create awareness for their brand, reach their target audience or increase in inquiries. So, before you begin auditing your campaign, set a clear goal on why exactly you are doing so. Make sure your goals are measurable, to the point, and align with your safari business objectives.

Step 2: Review Your Account Settings

A step towards conducting a fruitful PPC audit is to analyze the current PPC account settings. This should include how you have segmented the ad groups, location targeting, language settings, and other key parameters to ensure the maximum potential of your ads.

Step 3: Analyse Your Keywords

You should consistently review your positive and negative keywords that is identify which keywords are performing well and which are not.

Removing Negative Keywords
Removing Negative Keywords

Consider removing the negative or irrelevant keywords and adding some new ones for better performance.

Removing Low Search Volume Keywords
Removing Low Search Volume Keywords

Step 4: Evaluate Your Ad Copy

The content of your ad can be a great way to increase the response to your ad from your target audience. Your ad must contain the right keywords with the right content, grammar, and spelling. Include images for better reach and call-to-action buttons for increased enquires.

Evaluating the Ad copy
Evaluating the Ad copy

Step 5: Assess Your Landing Pages

Evaluate if your landing pages are performing best to deliver what it is designed for – does it contain the right keywords, images, or CTA buttons? Identify any issues with page load times, navigation, or messaging.

Step 6: Check Your Bids and Budget

Your ultimate goal from running an ad is to have an increased conversion rate for your safari business. Whether you want to increase the clickthrough rate or impressions your budget needs to be adjusted accordingly. Make sure you adjust your bids and budget as needed to maximize the return on investment.

Step 7: Review Your Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are an integral part of your campaign if you want to rank well on search engines and to be found easier. While auditing, you need to review the performance of those extensions and add or remove new ones accordingly.

Review the Ad Extensions
Review the Ad Extensions

Step 8: Analyse Your Ad Placement

Evaluate which targeting options or channels are working best and adjust accordingly. Consider targeting specific devices, locations, or demographics to improve performance.

Step 9: Monitor Your Results

You need to continuously monitor your campaign performance and make adjustments as needed for a better return for your safari business. You need to look at the analytics data and how they have performed over a certain duration.

Step 10: Recap and Take Action

How you can maximize your ad spend is to keep a record of your findings from the PPC audit. So you know where you have a scope for improvement. Then prepare an action plan to address any issues and optimize your PPC campaign for maximum ROI.

What are the next steps?

The performance of your ad campaigns can be enhanced with the assistance of consistent, in-depth PPC audits. Regularly evaluating the long and short-term performance of your paid advertising strategy will help you understand how you stack up against the competition, determine whether your strategy is effective, and gain a better understanding of your target audience. Following the above 10-step audit for your PPC campaign can result in a greater performance of your ads that can gain more conversion for your safari business. Make your way to a successful PPC campaign by implementing these fool-proof strategies.

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