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To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts for your safari business, you need to continuously keep optimizing your safari website for improved conversions

This is obviously a no-brainer, duh.

Conversion rate is a function that focuses on the usability of your safari website, helps build trust in your safari business and optimizes the relevancy of the incoming traffic you get on your safari website.

Increasing your conversion rates is absolutely crucial. Having a good conversion rate is the foundation of high inquiries and bookings volume.

Doesn’t this make you wanna increase your website conversion rates too?

Well, here are 3 proven tactics that you can use to steadily increase your safari website conversion rate and get your safari business on top.  

Create a flow chart that lists every single step in your bookings funnel

The first step to improve your safari website’s conversion rate is to find the crucial point in your bookings funnel. Every bookings funnel has an area where prospects get stuck or exit before they buy a service.  

The choke point or crucial point might be on the very first page, or the place where you make a call or some other page.

To find the crucial point, you need to create a flow chart that lists every single step in your bookings funnel.

Until you can see through all the steps, you will struggle to optimize your conversion rates.

Then you need to measure the conversion rates from one step to the next to see how each step is performing.

Trying to identify the crucial point is the hardest part, but it’s necessary because it obviously doesn’t improve your conversion rates until you take action.

Presenting a message with a consistent look and feel

One of the most common mistakes in sales funnels is not having a consistent look and feel on all the pages.  

For example, the first page might mention free shipping, but then there’s no mention of free shipping anywhere else as you move down the sales funnel.

All prospects online are extremely sceptical.  If there’s any hint that your offer or company is not legit, then prospects will quickly leave to find another business.

So you need to review every step in your sales funnel to ensure you’re presenting a consistent message with a consistent look and feel.

You need to make your safari website extremely easy to use with a clean and simple layout, and intuitive, clearly labelled navigation

Many safari webpages are simply too complicated for the average person visiting a safari website.  

You prolly know exactly where to click to get where you need to go around on your safari website but most of your visitors don’t.

It’s because most of the visitors came across your safari website for the first time!

That means your safari website needs to be extremely easy to use with a clean and simple layout, and intuitive, with clearly labelled navigation.

Well, that brings us to the end of learning how to improve website conversion rates with 3 simple steps. Want more conversion tips? Contact us now .

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