5 Essential Rules Of Email Marketing &For The Safari Industry

PPC Advertising | 08 / 05/ 2021

Safari travel is one of the world’s largest industries, contributing US$7.6 trillion to the world economy, according to Statista.

With a lot of competition, and a large potential market, it’s essential to find effective ways to reach new customers, retain existing ones, and make your safari business stand out. One of the best ways to do that is with safari industry email marketing.

Safari travel agencies use email marketing to stay in touch with readers year-round. They inspire with alluring footage of the rarest animals, convince with captivating safari travel stories and stay in touch post-safari.

Let’s take a closer look at how safari travel email marketing is used, the reasons for its effectiveness, and the types of emails you need to send to create an effective safari travel email marketing program. 

How effective is email marketing in the safari business?

Used correctly, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of enticing safari customers to use your services. The effectiveness of this safari marketing strategy for your travel business is due to several factors:

1 .People like receiving your emails

The vast majority of people who get on safari email lists expect and want to receive promotional emails in their inboxes. This is great news for email marketers since their safari emails are more likely to be read and attract new customers.

2.Mobile devices allow safari travellers to check email constantly

Thanks to smartphones, people check their email multiple times a day. Safari travellers even use their smartphones to research new safari destinations and safari travel discounts while they’re travelling. This makes it even more likely that your safari travel email marketing will gain you new customers.

3.Email marketing is still more effective than social media

Although social media is very popular, more people still turn to emails for promotions than social media. Safari Marketers should still use social media in their marketing plans, but email marketing still generates more interest from potential safari customers.  

4.Emails can be segmented

People who sign up to receive your safari emails can opt to receive only the types of emails they’re interested in. This not only gives you a better idea of what emails are popular with your safari clients, it also makes it more likely that your emails will find you new customers.

Email marketing has a lot to offer to the safari industry, and safari industry professionals know it. According to Mailchimp, safari email marketing has a 20.69% open rate. That’s no doubt why 84% of safari businesses use email marketing to help them retain customers. Email marketing helps woo customers while they’re making their minds up, and can even make people who weren’t planning a trip decide to buy.

Other benefits of safari email marketing include:

1.Building brand loyalty among your existing safari customers.

2.Attracting and retaining new safari customers.

3.Letting small safari firms compete successfully for attention with larger ones.

Make things personal

A study done by Google revealed that 36% of safari travellers would pay more for a safari businesses’ service if it tailored its information and overall safari trip experience based on their personal preferences or past behaviour.

Readers want tailored safari newsletters with content that they can actually use.

Use segmentation

Tailored messages are easy to send when you segment your safari email list. Segmentation means grouping your safari email subscribers by the traits they share.

For example, use data on the places your subscribers have visited or whether or not they have children. Check the available data and see how you can use this to create groups.

Send pre-arrival and follow-up emails

Once customers book through your safari agency, send them a pre-arrival email. Since these emails have high open rates, they’re a great opportunity to include additional offers or deals.

Follow-up emails let your subscribers know they’re appreciated. They’re also a great way to request your customers take surveys to help improve your safari services.

Incorporate video content

Did you know that, according to Econsultancy, 66% of safari travellers watch videos when researching a safari destination? That’s why it makes sense to include videos in your safari email marketing.

As our video marketing statistics roundup shows, safari marketers who use video increase brand awareness by 54% and get 66% more leads.

In addition to using videos in your safari emails, you can grab travellers’ attention early by embedding safari travel videos in your emails.

Well, that’s it. Safari email marketing can definitely help you acquire new customers! Well-curated emails also help you to retain and encourage your readers to keep following your safari journey.

Sending engaging, personalized and valuable content is your answer to turning subscribers into loyal customers that trust your safari travel expertise and happily book your offers.

Want to learn on how to use email marketing for your safari business? Contact us now!

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