5 Reasons why you should Say No to your Agents...!!!

Marketing | 28 / 06/ 2022

Stop Sharing your Profits. Add $10000 More to Your Pockets

Is not it painful to benefit a third party business by throwing a huge share of your Profits??     

Most of the safari companies share a strong opinion that Safari Agents are the game changer for their safari business.

But Do they really?

When as a safari company you make all the efforts and hard work to make your safari customers trip memorable one, why you are providing your hard-earned money to a third party agent who does not even make 0.01% effort?

Of course they provide a lots of customers to you, but have you ever analysed how much $ you are losing by that process?

Let’s put a full stop on your permanent hurdles to choose in between online marketing and Agents. We will help you to choose better option by the below comparison.


Takes a huge amount of Profits as shareVery must cost effective. Low cost investment makes it worthwhile
Charges for each and every bookingBrings a 40-50% more inquiries compared to Agents in shortest time frame and one time investment.
There is no brand recognitionPromotes your own safari brand to your exact potential customers.
Sends random inquiries from anywhereCompletely focus on your targeted locations to generate quality safari leads.
They share the same inquiries with many safari tour companies.You will generate direct inquiries for your safari company only
No control Over your BusinessComplete Control on your Business.

So choice is crystal clear for you whether you want to take all the profits and make your business grow or share your hard earned money with an Agent and make their business grow.

Always remember Revenue comes with Wise Business Decisions.

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Mr Chinu Pal

People call Chinu Pal the "King of Sales."

Chin’s mission is to serve and help people like those who run safari businesses because many are them are good at operations they don't know website sales marketing and all of them only depend upon agents to give them clients where chin wanted to give an amazing growth to each and every operator to make them so individually powerful with their own branding online where they can get high-value clients, create their own source of income and generate significant revenue online.

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