6 Link-Building Mistakes to avoid while marketing for your safari website

Marketing | 28 / 02/ 2023

What is Link Building?

Before jumping into the topic, let’s first clarify what link-building is!

It’s one of the most important aspects of organically optimizing your website. In this process, we get links from relevant businesses to our website.

Each link you get is like a point of authenticity which makes your website rank higher on the search engine result page, in turn making your safari business more popular.

How Link-Building Works
How Link-Building Works

Why is it not working for your Safari Website?

Now, you have prepared a link-building strategy for your safari and tour business, but it doesn’t seem to be working the way you expected it.

Well, there could be a bunch of reasons for this – join us as we uncover a few setbacks of your link-building strategy.

6 common mistakes to avoid while building links:

Low-Quality Links – In earlier days people used to focus on how many links they can produce rather than the quality of the links. But the scenario to rank higher has changed – even if you built a lot of links, if they are not effective enough, they would not impact your ranking in any way. By effective linking we mean, your safari website should not get links from low-quality or unrelated sources. Only aim for those websites that target your safari customers or provide value.

Low-Quality Links
Low-Quality Links

Lack of Relevance – Your links need to be relevant to what your safari audience might be looking for. If you are trying to be ranked or found by customers who are likely to convert, then you need to build links from highly qualitative websites. How you can improve at this is by producing link-worthy content that solves your target customer’s problems and is in line with your African Safari Business.

Lack of Relevance
Lack of Relevance

Over-optimized Anchor Text – An anchor text is typically the text that appears on a clickable hyperlink. The best practice to use is to exactly match them with your keyword. But doing it for every link or doing it excessively could be considered spam for search engines and triggers a penalty. So you must always focus on using a natural mix of anchor texts that include both branded and generic terms. Include variations of keywords that address a broader range of search phrases so you attract more traffic to your website.

Over-Optimized Anchor Text
Over-Optimized Anchor Text

Expecting Fast Progress – You might think that acquiring links from relevant websites would immediately impact your tour website’s visibility and ranking. But that is not true most of the time. Search engines take time to visit your website and the website you are getting links from; it may take weeks or a few months even to review these links – then after it will reflect your rankings. Consistency and patience are key to a successful link-building strategy.

Expecting Fast Progress
Expecting Fast Progress

Ignoring Link Diversity – Link diversity is the strategy to obtain links from different kinds of sources so the linking profile to your safari website looks natural. This will help search engines gain more trust by building a strong and varied link profile. Some of the sources you can include are social media links, guest posts, directory listings, articles, and news links.

Ignoring Link Diversity
Ignoring Link Diversity

Poor Outreach Strategy – Your scope of building a great linking strategy highly depends on your outreach skills. First, you need to reach out to these prospects and let them know about what kind of safari business you are and what services you deal with. You can reach relevant websites, influencers, and bloggers for getting the right backlinks. Which can be done by emailing, tweeting or even leaving a comment on their blog.

Poor Outreach Strategy
Poor Outreach Strategy

Some of the outreach tips include:

  1. Keeping the subject line clear with necessary information
  2. Express your desired outcome
  3. List out the value you would be adding to them and their audience
  4. Lastly, show eagerness and be respectful

Key takeaways of why the link-building strategy is not giving results for your safari and tour website?

There can be a whole lot of reasons why your link-building strategy is not giving the expected results. The most focused ones can be emphasizing more on the numbers than the quality of links, not reaching out to relevant sources from a diverse range of channels, and not distributing your links through your website with correct placements.

Another significant reason could be not producing content that adds value to your targeted audience. In the end, patience and consistency is the key to a successful link-building strategy.

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