7 Proven Steps For Safari Business To Create First Google Ads Campaign

PPC Advertising | 07 / 04/ 2021

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) are one of the best advertising options online. 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day, and that’s why Google Ads are a great way to get your website in front of the eyes of your consumers.

Did you know that for every $1 spent on Google Ads, the average business owner ends up with $2 in revenue?  It’s hard to beat that ROI with other advertising platforms. That’s why if you’re looking for a good option when it comes to ads, you should consider Google Ads.

It’s not difficult to get started with Google Ads, but it can be overwhelming.  Being in the Safari Industry if you are struggling to get Bookings and Enquiries then doing Online Advertisement with Google Ads will be the best and the No. 1 choice to generate New Safari Clients.

The reason behind this is the Google controls about 75% of search share heading into 2020. 89% of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused.

If you are creating Google Ads Campaign for the first time for your Safari Business then follow the below steps to complete your Campaign setup for the Success –

Step #1: Sign up with a new Google ads account and create the first campaign for your Safari Business

Visit https://ads.google.com and click on the “Start Now” and Sign Up for your New Google Ads Account.

To create your first safari campaign click on the button that says “Create Your First Campaign”.

Step #2: Choose your Campaign type and name your Campaign

There are various Campaign Types in Google Ads. When you first start a campaign in Google Ads then it’s best to choose “Search Network only.”

Select the Name of the Google Ads Campaign which is easy to find and also related to the Safari Services you are providing.

Step #3: Select your target location to show Google ads

There are many options available in Google Ads to select Target Location for your Safari Campaign. You can select a large or a small area, like a city targeting or entire country targeting.

First, you have to find the locations where your ideal safari customers are present then target those locations in your Google Ads Campaign.

If you are a local business owner then target people around your area.

Target the Specific country if you are selling your services throughout the country. If your safari services are sold to multiple countries or internationally then set up several campaigns for different targeted countries that have the most sales or where most of your safari prospects live.

Step #4: Set your daily Ad spend budget

When you are starting your Google Ads Campaign, it’s best to set a low daily budget. Gather Ad data then optimize the campaign with what’s working and what’s not.

When we set the daily budget then Google can slightly increase and decrease your daily spend as per the results.

Keep an eye on your campaign every week and optimize your Safari Ad Campaign and ensure to not go over your monthly ad budget.

Step #5: Choosing the Best Safari Keywords

As per Google’s suggestions, use as many Safari keywords as when you are starting your Google Ads Campaign. If not then even though you spend more money, all the targeted Safari keywords will not show you the result you are expecting from your Ad Campaign.

We suggest using only Targeted Safari Keywords that will give you results like bookings and inquiries. In this way, you will minimize your cost and get more results.

Step #6: Create your Google Ad Campaign for your Safari landing page

Create the Ad with proper Headlines and Descriptions that will attract your consumers to click on the Ad. After clicking the Ad they will land on your Safari Landing Page.

To get your Safari Business customers, we suggest using only targeted safari keywords which you will get from Keywords Planner after in-depth research.

The next thing is the landing page where users land after clicking on your Ad and from that page they will book and sign up for your Safari Services.

Landing Page should have the information that your customers need and the same information you will also include in your Ad Copies for your safari Ad relevancy and high conversions.

For better Safari Ad Copies, you need to include information about your services, Special Offers to promote your Safari business, and add a call to action button that will encourage them to book your services.

Step #7: Google Ads Conversion tracking for Safari Business

This is the last step of the campaign setup. Google Ads conversion tracking helps us to track the desire results from your running Ad Campaign.

The results that will be tracked is web form Leads, Sign up forms, eBook Download, thank you Page visit, Call Tracking, Orders for your Safari Services.

You need to set up the conversion tracking before your Ads run to measure your Safari Ad Campaign Results.

Safari Ad Campaign Optimizations and Modifications for Better Results:

Check the Google Ads data along with Google Analytics data and measure what’s working and what’s not working and how your Ad Campaign is performing.

Create similar Safari Ad Campaigns with better-performing Ads and increase Cost per Click (CPC) and pause the rest of your Ads. This will increase your ROI.

As your ads run, keep an eye on the analytics. You’ll be able to see what is working and what isn’t working. As you pay attention to what your ads do, you’ll be able to get closer to what will give you the best results.

When you’ve figured out which ads your consumers click on the most, you can create similar ones for higher cost-per-click keywords. This will help you increase your ROI.

Now, go ahead and get started with Safari Marketing Pro. Once you dive in, you’ll start to learn more about what works for your campaigns and that Google Ads can be a great way to advertise your business.

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