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With the COVID-19 lockdowns surrounding every aspect of our daily lives, small safari businesses are the first to look for ways to adapt.

Due to the corona virus, many safari businesses have been forced to close, many others have lost a significant percentage of customers, and most have been reduced to a small workforce.

And with the current lack of physical options and more reliance on the digital landscape, digital marketing continues to provide value to small safari businesses looking to expand their reach and revenue. 

Well, here are some marketing tips for small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic –

Why you should still be investing in marketing — especially during a shutdown

You should actually be investing in your safari marketing —– especially during a lockdown! Yes, it’s true! You don’t want your competitors running ahead of you while you’re obsessing over what to do during this pandemic, do you?

Well then now is the right time for you to invest more, not less in your safari marketing.  That is how you can gain a competitive advantage over others in the months and years to come.

How to reassess & reallocate your marketing budget for maximum ROI

Clearly, safari business is simply not an option with the COVID-19 pandemic.So instead of spending further money on your safari business, now is to time to divert that budget into other things such as digital marketing for your business.

You can reduce your online advertising with Google Ads and move that budget over to search engine optimization (SEO).That way, you can make improvements in your organic rankings that will help you overtake your competitors when the pandemic is over.  Or you can reallocate your budget into improving your search rankings.  It could yield you a very strong return once your safari business returns to normal.

Focus on Your Existing Customers

This is something safari business owners need to abide by. If we’re being realistic then it’s much easier and less costly for you to market to existing customers versus acquiring new customers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic making its rounds around, everything in the future seems certain so it’s up to us how we strengthen the future of our safari business and stay ahead of our competitors.

Well, if you want more safari marketing tips on how to survive the corona virus pandemic then contact us now.

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