From Click to Conversion: How UX Design Drives Bookings and Enquiries for Safari Business

Marketing | 01 / 03/ 2023

Why User Experience is Key to Business Success?

Safari and tour operators live and die by how much they can convert their potential customers. A good conversion rate leads to higher sales and revenue, while a poor conversion rate can put your safari business at risk. Since a healthy conversion is an important factor in keeping your business running, it’s integral to optimize one of the most significant aspects that affect your conversion rate: Your safari Website’s UX design.

UX is related to everything that a website visitor experiences and interacts with as they navigate through each page. It shows how quickly one can find what they are searching for on your site. Whereas, a bad UX can lead to dissatisfaction, which may make the visitors to even bounce back from your website.

Understanding User Experience Design: Creating a Seamless User Journey

Defining UX Design and Its Importance –

User experience (UX) design is a practice that focuses solely on the users of your website. The goal here is to help them solve their problem and take the desired action in a seamless manner.

Let us state some facts on how a poor UX design can impact your safari business:

Importance of an Optimized UX Design
Importance of an Optimized UX Design
  1. 88% of visitors may not even come back to your website after having a bad user experience.
  2. More than 50% of customers bounce back from your site if it takes time to load.
  3. 83% of site visitors say ‘a smooth experience across all the devices’ is an important purchasing factor for them.

Whereas, a good user experience throughout all desktop and mobile devices can result in generating more conversion and revenue.

Elements of Good UX Design

Keep in mind these 7 elements while designing your website for giving your users and great usability experience!

Useful – If your safari website does not cater to the purpose of your targeted safari audience, in terms of services or products, then why would they consider buying it?

Learnable – Your website should be easy to use and visitors should find what they are looking for in an instance. For example, if they want to reach out to you, the ‘Contact’ button should be easily visible.

Memorable – When your customers return to your website may be after a long duration of not using it, they should easily be able to remember and find all the functionalities.

Effective – The website should be tested against what your users want regularly and this can be checked from the analytics and surveys.

Efficient – In this fast-moving world, users want to achieve what they want faster and with less effort. So, make sure to turn the UX of your website more efficiently.

Desirable – It’s difficult to conclude what could be desirable for your website. It depends on your brand image or the emotional connection with your user.

Delightful – Are the visitors enjoy coming to your site? This can be any feature or product that you showcase, the delight always makes someone come back to your website.

Stating Some Elements of a Good UX Design
Stating Some Elements of a Good UX Design

Mapping the User Journey: From Awareness to Conversion

People tend to reach their destinations faster when there is a map to follow – the same goes for your website too!

You may have included all the call-to-action buttons, landing pages, or popups to your website, but for a successful conversion, you need to be taking people on a clear path from A to B.

This brings the ‘Customer Journey Map’ into the picture.

This helps in delivering your safari customers according to what their expectations are from your business or how they tend to interact by designing a website to serve them all.

The key is the more you understand your target audience, the better you will be at defining the user journey on your website. Make sure all the elements of the webpage and efforts should be directed towards attracting, engaging, and converting your safari audience.

How Good UX Design Boosts Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty?

Your customers are likely to come back to your website if they had a pleasant interaction with your site and are also more likely to suggest your products or services to others as well.

When you design a website that performs as per your safari customer’s expectations, your brand can build a great reputation and a customer base.

At the same time, if your website is easy to use, the chances of abandoning your product mid-way decrease, and the conversion rate increases. Connecting with your customers emotionally and catering to their needs can be a great way to build trust.

Benefits of Investing in User Experience Design

We advise every safari website must invest its time in researching a good user experience design.

Following are some of the ROIs you can expect from a good UX design.

Benefits of Investing in UX Design
Benefits of Investing in UX Design

Reduced Costs – Websites with a good UX design need little to no maintenance on their websites. So, redesigning and fixing the errors can be reduced over a long time.

Increased Leads & Conversions – A site with a good UX can retain more of the target customers which increases lead generation. The conversion rate also increases as the flow within your site is optimized.

Better SEO Performance – If your website is responsive and it works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices, search engines are more likely to rank your website higher.

Stronger Brand Loyalty & Referrals – Loyal customers may spread the good word among their connections about your website, which increases the referral

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Why Good UX Design is Critical to Business Success?

An efficient UX design can act as a building block of your Safari business’s design presence – keeping in mind all the customer expectations and customer journey they would be going through on your website for a successful conversion.

UX can heavily impact your brand’s revenue generation & positioning, so it should be paid equal attention as organic or paid marketing for increased growth. Not to forget, keep on updating your user experience and interface on a regular basis while keeping up with the technology trends.

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