Google Analytics Key Roles in Google Ads Optimization for Safari Industry

PPC Advertising | 19 / 04/ 2021

Google Analytics is the Website Traffic measurement tool from Google. It shows us the desired website data that other tools are not able to provide.

Google Ads has its Conversion Tracking features that track conversions in Google Ads Campaigns which helps to determine Conversions and ROI for your Safari Business.

But Google Ads Conversion Tracking is Binary which says the conversion details in “Yes” or “No”. Google Analytics helps us to know the in-depth analysis of the conversion details from the Google Ads that will bring some amazing value and marketing decisions for your safari Industry.

In this article, we will share some of the amazing Google Analytics tips that will help to know your Google Ads Conversion better and yield better results from your Safari Website.

Binary Measurement of Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Generally, we set up Google Ads Conversion Tracking to measure the conversion that happens in your Safari Google Ads. It will help us to know which Keywords and Ads of your safari campaigns are driving Conversions like completing sign-up forms, online purchases, etc.

This feature of Google Ads Conversion Tracking is great and allows us to make optimizations in your Safari Keywords and Ads to improve your conversion rates.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking is not going to tell us about those safari landing page clicks that didn’t turn into Conversions. Why didn’t those clicks convert?

Binary Measurement Of Google Ads Conversion Tracking
Binary Measurement Of Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Also, it will not tell you about your safari website improvements that can help increase the landing page conversion rate.

It will only say in “Yes” or “No” answer format, which is not very Informative.

Google Analytics helps for better Google Ads Measurements in your Safari Ad Campaigns

You’ll only get “Yes” or “No” answer from Google Ads Conversion Tracking while Google Analytics will clarify and elaborate on why.

Let’s take an example, one can review behavioral metrics from Google Analytics like bounce rate, time on the site, Page per session.


If 95% of your Google Ads Traffic is bouncing, that means users didn’t go to the second page before existing your safari webpage, then your well-built safari landing page is to blame.

Either your safari website Page loading is slow, or your page is not optimized for mobile or tablet devices. It is also possible to mismatch reporting from your safari ad targeting to safari ad copies in your Google Ads.

It’s also possible to have a low bounce rate but still no conversions fo

It’s also possible to have a low bounce rate but still no conversions for high-traffic safari websites. Those website users are easily distracted to click pages outside of your sales funnel.

How many safari visitors are veering off course after clicking your Safari Google Ads?

Now you have the question on your mind how to improve your safari website conversion rates using Google Analytics? That brings us to the next point of this blog……..

When you target Google Ads nationally for your safari business then your entire Ad budget will be completed quickly unless you focus on some top-performing geo-locations.

How many safari visitors are veering off course after clicking your Safari Google Ads?
How many safari visitors are veering off course after clicking your Safari Google Ads?

But how could you know your Top geo-locations for your Safari Ads campaign?

One thing is to spend money in Ads and targeting nationally then finding the top performing geo-locations for your safari businesses. Another way you can make use of Google Analytics data to know where your top safari visitors are located, then click the “sign up” button on your safari website for inquiries and bookings.

Using Google analytics sequence segment report to find locations of the “sign up form” visitors but did not submit the form. Then we can use these locations in Google Ads to target the Safari Ad campaigns.

In this way, we can save time and money to identify crucial measurement data in Google Analytics that will help us to increase the Google Ads Conversion rate for your Safari Websites.

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