Hidden Google Ad Reports that will Increase ROI for your Safari Businesses

PPC Advertising | 01 / 05/ 2021

Google Advertisement is a great way to start Online Advertisement for the Safari Industry.

Many Safari Businesses are using Google Ads to drive Bookings and Clients that other Platforms are not able to provide.

But still yet running Google Ads is not an easy job. If everything goes well then you will get a good amount of results. Otherwise, you could end up wasting money with minimal conversions.

We need to Optimize Google Ads in a better way after running it to improve the Conversion rate and also help to increase the ROI for your safari businesses.

When you run a Google Search Ad Campaign in Google Search Network you will be able to generate Ad Campaign Reports based on the performance of your Ad Campaign.

In this Blog Post, I will share about the Safari Keywords Report where many Safari Industry Advertisers fail to recognize what will cost you money and decrease their ROI in terms of Conversions.

Google Search Ad Campaign for Safari Business generally uses Safari Keywords to find their suitable Audience to target.

Safari Keywords are the Keyword phrases where Google Search Ad is used. When users are searching information in the Google Search bar with the Safari Keyword Phrases then your Google Ads are pop-up on the search engine result page.

When we run the Campaign for few days then campaign performance starts flowing in the Google Ads Report section. From the report section, we will be able to know how our campaigns are performing. We will be able to get the.details of the search query that users type in the Google Search Bar before they visit our landing page after clicking the Ads.

As per our knowledge and expertise, all search terms that appear in the Google Ads Reports are not the exact data that users type.

If we are targeting Exact Keywords in our Google Search campaign, then we will get exact search term data from the Google Ad Reports. But in the case of Broad and Phrase match Keywords with no negative keywords, the reports generated in Google Ads for Search Term data will not be the same as appeared. Users will type something and Google will display different data that will miscalculate their expectations and calculations which will bring negative value and results in Google Ads and also will cost you money from the Ad Campaigns.

Keyword performance reports for Safari Businesses

These are the reports you see in Google Ad Account when you click on the Keywords tab. Those reports are called Keyword performance reports. You’ll see a list of your targeted keywords along with their respective key metrics in the report.

Keyword performance reports for Safari Businesses
Keyword performance reports for Safari Businesses

This report will not tell you about what visitors are searching or typing before they visit the website.

To find the Search Term Report, you need to find the Keywords Tab in the Google Ads Account. Under the Keywords Tab, you will find the “Search Term report” along with other Keyword Related Reports.

By using Search Term Report we will be able to find Search Query Terms that triggered your prospects to click your Ad and visit your Landing Page. Sometimes certain phrases from Broad match and Phrase match Keywords help generate Leads and sales from your Google Ads. In this case, it’s important to add those safari keywords in Your Safari Google Ad Campaignand optimize your bid and Ads for the desired results.

Want even more tips on how to use hidden google ad reports that will help increase your ROI? Contact us now.

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