How does Google Ads Auction work to show Google Ads for your Safari Business?

PPC Advertising | 23 / 04/ 2021

Google Ads is the Advertising Platform from Google. Google Ads used to show Ads on various platforms from Google.

Those Platforms include Google Search Network and Google Display Network. There are various bidding options in Google Ads such as ad CPC, CPM, CPA. These Options are used to show your Safari Google Ads in front of your Targeted users.

In this bidding system, Safari Google Ads are targeted and Advertisers are charged based on the clicks generated from their Ads when users are searching for the Services and Information.

When someone searches for Safari Tour Operator, Safari Tours, and Travel related on Google, Google looks at the Google Ads Advertisers pool and determines whether there will be an auction.

If one or more Google Advertisers are bidding on the same safari keywords let’s say “Tanzania Safari Tours” that Google finds relevant to the search query users have searched in Google then an Auction is Triggered for the Google Ad Rank.

Your Safari Keywords are not the Search Queries. Keywords are the specific terms used in Google Ads for the Target Audience but Search Queries are the words typed in the Google Search box which is varied from the keywords based on the keywords match type.

If your Keyword is “Tanzania Safari Tours” then the search term can be “Best Safari Tours in Tanzania”, “Tanzania Wildlife Safari tour detail price” etc.

Google Ads Auction System for Safari Businesses:

Google Advertisers for Safari Businesses identify Safari Keywords they would target on the Google Ads and set the budget of how much they want to spend. Then create a grouping of your Safari Keywords in the Google Ads Account which is paired with Ads to show in Search Engine Result Pages.

Google then selects your targeted safari keywords from your Ad Account which are more relevant for the search query and that have maximum bid you have set in your Ad Account and enter the Ad Auction with only the relevant Safari Keywords from your Account.

How does Google determine which Ads to show where?

When your Targeted Safari Keywords are entered into the Auction for a Particular Search, Google in Auction will look at two factors to determine where your Google Ads should be ranked. These two factors are the “Maximum Bid” that you set in your Campaign and the “Quality Score” of your Ads.

Ad Rank (Ad Position) = CPC Bid * Quality Score

CPC bid is the maximum bid you set for your Targeted Safari Keywords in your Google Ads.

Quality Score is a metric that determines how useful and relevant your Ads are to the users. This Ad relevance is determined by your Ad Copies, Landing Page, Relevance, and CTR.

Higher the Quality Score better is your Ad Position.

How Google Charges Advertisers in the Auction:

Pay Amount = The Ad Rank of the Person below You / Your Quality Score + $0.01

You pay the minimum amount you can pay for the Ad Position you win in the Auction if your Ad is clicked.

If your Ads Quality Score is high then your Pay amount is less for the same Ad Position.

When a Particular Search occurs in Google then Ad Auction takes place to rank and position Your Safari Google Ads. In this way, Advertisers connect with their Potential and Relevant customers at the lowest possible prices.

Google also allows different bidding methods other than CPC (Cost per Click) such as CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions) or CPA (Cost per Action).

If a CPM bid is entered into an Auction with both CPM and CPC bids then eCPM is used to determine the final cost per 1000 impressions for both the CPM bid and the CPC bid.

If you are targeting Google Ads with CPA bids, Google is determining your max CPC bids for you based on historical conversion data. The bid amount will be either the average or max CPC you have set for Google Ads.

Are you looking for even more tips on how to use google ads auction for your safari business? Get in contact with us and get the opportunity to learn more.

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