The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Sales Process

Written by Cambria Davies

Learn how to create a sales process for your team to use when converting any prospect from a lead to a customer.

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Wondering how to get maximum inquiries and generate more leads daily on your African Tour website? Want to reach out to the maximum audiences of the right age group and geographical boundaries? Tour Marketing Pro has an all-in-one solution for you! It’s the only 360 Marketing that has been making great buzz lately.

When you are in the middle of watching the news headlines or watching your favorite show on TV, you may come across a creative and consuming Coca Cola Ad which draws your attention. Again when you are out in the Supermarket you may come across some banner ads of Coca-Cola and some social media posts on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube and so on...

What do you think the marketers are doing here? They are trying to draw your attention from all ways possible and they have left no platform where they haven't captured your attention.

This is exactly what 360 Marketing is all about. Savvy marketers use this superb means of marketing technique to catch the audience's attention from all means possible.

But how do you grab your Tour traveler's attention to visit your website and start booking your Tour packages?

It's not that tricky but requires some amount of hard work. Tour Marketing Pro's Global Marketing experts have done tremendous research and analyzed the following:

  1. More than 80% of potential Tour clients who wish to travel to Africa are looking for your companies on the internet.
  2. Very few people are choosing tour operators from word of mouth information from their friends and relatives.
  3. Potential clients type a 'keyword' on the Google search engine and visit the top websites that appear on the top of the Google web page and give more attention to the first page rather than visiting sites on second or third.

So what do we understand here?

If you are an African Tour company and wish to grab more inquiries from your clients and convert them into leads what do you do first?

Grab their attention on the first page of Google Search and How do you do that?

The answer is simple, through Google Ads.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that works on the play and bidding of keywords where both the parties benefit from Pay per click and generating from traffic on a website.

You invest in keywords and host numerous clients who have found your website on Google or Social Media like YouTube.

Sound's fun and easy, isn't it? But there is a lot of research and market analysis that goes into it.

What is 360 Marketing?

360 marketing is catching your audience's attention from all the ways possible making sure your brand has achieved maximum visibility. What we do in 360 marketing is two things:

Organic Marketing is the simpler of the two and has the least amount of investment with high returns. What we focus on is finding the right keywords to target, we optimize your Tour landing page and write beautiful and capturing blogs and website contents, social media posts, make great YouTube content to reach out to the right audiences who are looking for these African Tour websites. This process may take time but is of great value for all the effort that we put.

Ad Marketing, however, is the easier and the shortcut way to catch your Tour audience. What we do is the same, analyze the best keyword searches, bid for it in Google, optimize your landing page, and make the best Google Ads to be showcased on the Google search results.

Now you would be wondering - which is the better way to reach out to potential clients?

We suggest doing both. After all, that is exactly what 360 marketing is all about!

Give us the chance to write amazing content, optimize your websites to world-class standards, reach out to the right target audience, and help you generate maximum leads a day and a truckload of traffic on your website.

Why choose online marketing instead of traditional marketing platforms?

Have you ever come across a banner in the New York streets shops saying let's go for Tour in Africa this summer? No right?

How do you turn potential clients who are continuously surfing social media, consuming the internet day in and day out? You catch them online through online marketing platforms.

And that's where Tour Marketing Pro steps in. We are unique and exceptional in every sense as we are the masterminds after who is reaching out to your first in regards to the people looking out for Tour packages online. With our tremendous efforts from the last 10 years, we have reached out to thousands of potential Tour customers, optimized at least 1000 websites, and have worked with over 300 valuable African Tour companies. Still, have doubts about our abilities? Why don't you try and give 5 minutes of your day to us and our Tour Mentor will speak to you directly, analyze your business, and change your life forever for the better!

When people are looking for you and you are standing in the wrong queue it just doesn't justify your efforts, aren't we right? Call us now and let's have a wonderful chat. We promise you won't regret choosing us!

Sales Process

A sales process refers to a repeatable set of steps a sales team takes to move a prospect from an early-stage lead to a closed customer. A strong sales process helps reps consistently close deals by giving them a framework to follow.

Sales Process Steps

A sales process refers to a repeatable set of steps a sales team takes to move a prospect from an early-stage lead to a closed customer. A strong sales process helps reps consistently close deals by giving them a framework to follow.

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