Improve your Google Ads Quality Score & Lower your Ad Costs

PPC Advertising | 19 / 04/ 2021

Google Ads Quality Score impacts your Search Campaign cost and performance with relevant, high-quality ads that result in more engagement, clicks, and conversions.

In this blog post, we will share information on how to increase your Google Ads Quality Score that will lead to better Ad Positions and lower the Ad Costs.

Google Ads Quality Score:

Quality Score in Google Ads is the quality and Relevance of your Targeted Safari Keywords and Search Ads.

Google Ads Quality Score is calculated from 1 to 10. 1 means a bad quality score and 10 means a good quality score.

Out of the above three factors, CTR plays an important role while calculating the Quality Score of the tour Ad Campaign. The more people view and click your Ads, Google thinks your safari ads are more relevant and useful and increases your Quality Score.

Ad Quality with Keywords and Ad Copies Relevance is an important factor in the Google Ad Auction Process. The score is just a reflection of the quality of your safari Google Ads.

Google Ads Quality Score will determine your Google Ads ROI. Increasing the Quality Score will increase your Ad Rank and lower the Budget and that will lead to an increase in ROI. Similarly decreasing the Quality Score will affect the Ad Rank and increase the Ad Cost that will decrease the ROI of your Google Ad Campaign.

Google Ads Quality Score Levels:

There are two types of Google Ads Quality Score Level. Keyword Level and Ad Group Level.

Google only assigns one quality score per keyword. But in an Ad or Ad Groups, many Keywords are available so quality scores have several different values for each Ad Group.

Keyword Level Quality Score:

For Keyword level Quality Score, Google assigns one value ranging from 1 to 10. The value depends on the performance of your safaris Ad Copy with Keywords for the Search Queries.

Ad Group Level Quality Score:

The Ad Group Quality Score is calculated as the average of the Quality Scores of all the Keywords in a given Ad group.

If you have 5 keywords in an Ad Group and one keyword has a quality score of 3 and the average quality score of the Ad Group is 6 then improving your Ad relevance can help to increase the Quality Score that will increase your campaign ROI.

4 Ways to Raise your Google Ads Quality Score:

Improve your Ad Performance in Mobile Devices

Google also adds performance report across all devices so you Ads and Landing Page for mobile will boost your overall performance score.

Using Mobile friendly extensions such as click-to-text extensions like “Send Us a Text Message” which helps to send a message that will increase the performance and ROI of the Ads.

Also, mobile speed affects the quality score. Fast loading mobile-optimized websites and landing pages will increase the quality score.

Creating Single Keyword Ad Groups

Improving your Quality Score of the Keywords will increase your overall ROI with Ad Relevance.

Creating single keyword Ad Groups will increase Quality Score as it will be easier for your Ads to closely match search intent.

A/B Testing

Using A/B testing in your SAFARI Ad Campaigns can increase your Ad Performances. Try changing the main elements of your Ad Copy such as Call to Action and use two different Ad Copies to see and select which one is performing the best.

If you are running Display Ads then you can make changes and testing different Ad Formats to see which one is performing the best will lead to an increase in Quality Score and overall ROI.

Optimize your Landing Page

You can make changes to your landing page by targeting relevant keywords, loading speed, reliability, and other elements that affect user experience.

Google ranks landing page quality based on relevance, usefulness, and ease to navigate for users.

Use the above methods and tactics to increase your Google Ads Quality Score will lead to more conversions by lowering your Ad Costs.

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