Ready to start your safari website? Be sure to include these must-have pages

Marketing | 07 / 03/ 2023

They Say “A website is a window through which your business says hello to the world”.

A lot of your safari customers spend their time on the internet looking for good products and services that your business might be offering. They might be either looking for a safari package, or travel guides or they just want to gain some information about a destination from your blogs.

Considering the time people spend on the internet, your safari business needs to move online by having a website. You also need to have all the necessary information on your safari website to build trust – as it’s the first step for your potential customers to know you.

Now that you are ready to build your safari website, what pages should you include to make it impressive?

Read on as we cover the aspects like:

  • 5 reasons that prove the importance of a website
  • Must-have pages for an African safari website
  • Optional pages to consider for an African safari website
  • Key takeaways

Let’s explore!

5 Reasons that prove the importance of a website

24×7 Online Presence – Your safari customers can access you anywhere and any time of the day as the website is always at work to make sure that visitors who come for enquires are always served from the comfort of their homes.

Customer Support – It is easier to provide customer service online than to hire someone for support. You can have a FAQ section of the commonly asked questions relevant to the safari customers. You can even implement chatbots to address the frequent queries by customers.

Cost-effective – It definitely takes less investment than setting up a physical store. While creating a website can be very easy if one can create by ignoring the additional expenses.

Visibility – A physical store can only be visible in a particular location but your website is an online store, for which the visibility has no bounds. Searchers from any part of the world can access your safari website.

Marketing – Having a website makes it quite easy to spread the word about your safari business when people are searching for them. You can reach your target audience without even investing much.

Must-have pages for an African safari website

  • Home page – Your safari website’s home page serves as each visitor’s first exposure to your company. Before deciding whether to become a customer, they will review your homepage to get a sense of what you serve, whether it will be useful to them, and how they can profit from it. Make sure the layout is easily understandable with good navigation – make it more impressive by using high-quality images.
Home Page
  • About us page – Your about us page is the key to building trust among your potential safari audience by sharing the company journey, stories, and your mission & vision statements to gain credibility. You can as well humanize your website by adding some team pictures, milestones achieved, and even some fun facts.
About Us Page
  • Safari packages page – It should be an integral part of your safari website as you deal with offering safari & tour packages. Showcase your safari offerings, pricings in a clear and organized way, accommodations, and destination information that your audience would be looking for.
Safari Packages Page
  • Contact us page – Website visitors can reach you through the contact tab on your site. Include any essential information about your business, such as the mailing address, phone number, email address, live chat link, social media links, map position, and business hours.
Contact Us Page
  • Testimonial Page – A customer testimonial page is incredible to have a place on your safari website. They not only can highlight the good feedback from past clients, but they can also give prospective clients who research online before considering your safari services. Feature reviews and feedback from past customers to demonstrate the quality of your service and inspire trust.
Testimonial Page
  • Conservation efforts page – Highlight your commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical tourism practices. That you are dedicated to maintaining species diversity for the benefit of wildlife.
Conservation Efforts Page

Optional pages to consider for an African safari website

  • Blog page – Share educational and entertaining content related to your safari business and the local area to attract visitors and improve your website’s search engine ranking. If you have provided great value with your content, the readers are more likely to come back to your website. It’s a great way to educate your potential customers and even answering to their issues.
Blog Page
  • Gallery Page – A gallery page is more than just a collection of images; it serves as a portfolio of your work, showcasing both your past accomplishments and your current capabilities to prospective clients. Show off your stunning safari photos and videos to give visitors a taste of the adventure that awaits them.
Gallery Page
  • FAQ – Answer common questions and concerns that potential customers may have to save time and improve their experience on your safari website. It is like you are present 24×7 to address the customer queries.
FAQ Page
  • Wildlife guide – Provide information about the variety of animals and plants that visitors may encounter on their safari to enhance their experience. State facts and stories about how they live, their natural habitats, and how you can easily spot them. It will create interest and excitement among your website visitors.
Wildlife Guide Page
  • Resources – Offer links to other useful websites or information about local accommodations, restaurants they can spend time at, and other attractions to help visitors plan their trip. You can even include the cost related to the activities when on a safari.
Resources Page

Key Takeaways

Any safari company looking to stand out in the modern marketplace needs to have a website and keep an eye on its competitors. It gives you a platform to showcase your product and services to the world while having no bounds of time. We encourage every safari & tour company to invest in having an online presence via a website to reach their potential customers and 10x their growth and inquiries.

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