Save Your Time and Generate Sales with New Automation Features in Google Ads for Safari Business

PPC Advertising | 21 / 04/ 2021

Google Ads is a great way to bring new Conversions and Sales for Safari business.

With the introduction of the new features in Google Ads, it’s now easier to optimize Google Ads for many Campaigns in Safari Industry. Google Ads Automation Process for Safari Industry will help to optimize campaigns and increase performance. This will surely save your time and increase sales.

There are many Automation processes available in Google Ads. In this Blog Post, we will explain some major Google Ads Automation features to get results and save your time while optimizing campaigns for safari businesses.

Select Best Automated Bidding Strategy for your Safari Ad Campaigns:

Out of many Automated Bidding Strategies available in Google Ads, Choosing the right one for your campaign goal is the best to get results and increase your Campaign ROI.

If we are talking about Google Ads Bidding methods then currently there are ten different bidding methods you can select for your Safari Business Goals.Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

1. Target ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

2. Maximize Conversions

3. Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC)

4. Maximize Clicks

5. Manual CPC Bidding

6. Target Search Page Location

7. Target Outranking Share

8. CPM Bidding (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)

9. CPM Bidding (Cost Per Viewable Thousand Impressions)

Out of the above 10 bidding methods, we would suggest starting with Enhanced cost per click (ECPC) as this bidding strategy will allow an increase or decrease in your CPC bids to get more conversions and sales from your safari website traffic and clicks.

ECPC uses Smart Bidding Technology which also takes demographics audience data to get your desired results.

If your Campaign goal is conversions rather than clicks then Target CPA and Maximum Conversions are the best ways for the Safari Google Ads Campaign.    

When you use Automated Bidding Strategy then it will take less time to optimize bids for better ROI and you do not have to spend much time on your campaign optimizations.

Google Ads Scripts for your Safari Businesses:

Google Ads scripts use coding that makes it a little complex which causes most people off from its uses.

Google Ad has an entire script library that one can use for making different Scripts as per their requirements. No need to learn codes by yourself for the Google Ads Scripts.

Uses of Google Ad Scripts:

1.To adjust bids and budgets in your Campaign

2.Audit your Google Ads account

3.Automate negative keyword lists

4.To create detailed and complex reports

5.Set up Google Ad Account alerts

Using Google Ads Script, we will be able to get many works and reporting automated without creating any reports and time-consuming works for your safari businesses.

Google Ad Scripts
Google Ad Scripts

Let’s say with an example –

If you want some account performance data then using Google Ads Scripts for Ad Performance Report script will become easier without compiling dozens of reports which is time-consuming.

The Script will pull your required data from your Safari Ad Campaign. Required data can be click-through rates, cost per click, conversion data, number of leads, etc.

Dynamic Search Ads to Automate Your Ad Copy:

If you are running many campaigns then creating individual Ad Copies will take much time and process. Good Ad copies are mainly responsible for the clicks and CTR.

Google Dynamic Search Ads which uses machine learning can automate the Ad Copy work along with good CTR and Clicks. These Dynamic Search Ads automatically generated Headlines and Landing Pages from your safari website for you to target in Ad Campaigns.

Google Ad Campaign can be automatically created without a ton of experience by using Google Dynamic Search Ads and automated bidding strategies.

Google Ads Automated Rules to Automate your Safari Ad Campaign Optimizations:

Rules in Google Ads is an Automated Process. If we need Campaign Optimization then we can set Rules to Optimize like changing Bid or daily Budget for your Safari Google Ad Campaign.

If the cost of acquisitions is low for the day due to low competition then you can set rules to increase your bid amount to get easy leads in the low budget.

Similarly, if competitor’s Bids and costs are very high, you can create rules to minimize your bids and daily budget to get results while lowering your safari Ad Campaign Cost.

I’m sure now you understand why Google Ads is a great way to bring new conversions and sale for your Safari Business. Contact us if you wanna learn more ways on how to use google ads for your safari business.

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