How To Fix The Most Common Google Ads Mistakes To Get More Safari Bookings

PPC Advertising | 21 / 04/ 2021

Google Ads services always change as new updates are added in Google Ads from time to time. Those who run and optimize Google Ads need to be updated every time to make better results in Google Ads without any mistakes.

But Google Ads is a sophisticated process that even experienced marketers also make mistakes while optimizing Google Ads.

In this Blog Post, we will introduce six common mistakes in Google Ad that will cost you ROI and Budget and how to fix them.

Google Ads Mistake No.1: Targeting with only ROAS Bidding

Targeting with only ROAS Bidding
Targeting with only ROAS Bidding

Most Safari Advertisers are using ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) bidding strategy but this type of bidding has limitations in terms of detailed campaign analysis and future data.

Targeting with ROAS means you are optimizing the campaign for the revenue generated for your Advertisement. It will not give the best profit for your Ad Spend.

You can make use of the other Ad metrics and Bidding for better results in your Safari Business.

Using ROAS Bidding will show Revenue but not the Margins.

ROAS will not give Lifetime Value to the Existing customers. It only gives limited data.

Using “Future Margin on Ad Spend” can deliver better results and data from future customers in a given time for your Safari Google Ads. Future Margin on Ad Spend will give a complete view of your bid, placement in your safari campaign, to more views of the campaign for your safari

Google Ads Mistake No.2: Bidding and Budgeting

As the technology is becoming more useful and the introduction of Machine Learning in Google Ads Keywords Selection, Bidding, Budgeting and Responsive Ads are becoming less manual and more automatic.

The automatic Bidding system is applied to Budgeting, Bidding, and Ad Copy. With the increase of Automations in Google Ads all the features in Budgeting, Bidding and Ad Copy are going to go fully Automatic process with the introduction of many new Automation features.

Bidding and Budgeting
Bidding and Budgeting

We have to accept these changes and trends that are coming as Automation features. This will help to easily manage many Google Ad Campaigns with better Optimizations and results also in terms of Conversions and Sales.

Google Ads Mistake No.3: Forget About Audiences

When we set up Google Ads Campaigns for safari businesses then mostly we include Keywords in Audiences, Ad Copies of Headlines, and Descriptions.

We often forget to think in terms of People of people are looking for us for our services and products, not the keywords.

We need to make the Ad Campaigns and Optimizations with Keywords and also focus on the Audience for required results and performances.

Forget About Audiences
Forget About Audiences

Google Ads Mistake No.4: Blindly Trust Data

We do not have to rely on the data that we receive from Google because sometimes we receive data from Google about conversions and budget which is not right when we check with our detailed financial transactions for our services.

 Blindly Trust Data
Blindly Trust Data

We do not have a complete way in Google Ads to monitor users across different platforms and devices.

Google Ads Mistake No.5: Rely on Third-Party Data

As Google recently announces to block 3rd party cookies so we have to rely more on first-party data.

Using first-party data can differentiate us from the competitors as well advertisers are going to run campaigns.

Rely on Third-Party Data
Rely on Third-Party Data

How to fix the above mistakes for results:

Use other high performing Bid strategy other than ROAS

Connect Audience data to Platforms and make use of first-party data.

We need to take the first-party data like traffic from websites and transactions in the bank and push the data back in Advertising channels.

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