Why Choosing cheap SEO packages are not worth it for your safari & tour business?

Marketing | 22 / 02/ 2023

If you are searching for cheap SEO services for your Safari & Tour business, then you need to read through this guide!

What most safari operators know is that search engine optimization is an important aspect of their digital marketing strategy. Without SEO, your safari website & the content you produce will have no direction as it can generate no organic traffic.

Why Cheap SEO Services Are Not Worth It?

In the African safari industry, SEO can help attract potential travelers from around the world who are interested in exploring the continent’s wildlife and natural beauty.

However, you may feel tempted to cut costs by opting for some cheap SEO services to rank easily on Google’s first search result page. But it doesn’t directly refer to the price point, it can also affect the customer service quality and the result you receive.

Let’s take a look at the several reasons why cheap SEO services are not worth your investment.

  1. Poor Quality SEO Services – What makes cheap SEO services cheap is that the services that come under them are quite generic. Most SEO service providers don’t understand that there is also a technical aspect to your safari website which makes it compatible with the search engine guidelines to be found by your customers easily. All they do is make a few basic changes to your SEO strategy and skip the complex processes.
  2. Unreliable Metrics – Content is a vital part of your safari & tour website, as it reflects all the information about all the services & packages you offer. Having a great SEO strategy can help reach a broader target audience. But going for a cheap SEO service will limit you to only a few keywords & performance metrics that are not enough for a comprehensive SEO strategy.
    Also, the constant communication & support your business needs as well get ignored.
  3. Not Enough Resources to Implement a Full SEO Strategy – A full-fledged SEO strategy requires creating & publishing blog posts with quality content on a regular basis. But that is not possible without the help of specialists and relying on tools. The SEO services depend on content mills that only provide generic content which doesn’t give insightful information about your safari services and doesn’t add any value to your growth. So even when they can be found by search engines there is little to no chance of getting a high rank.
  4. Generic SEO Strategy – To a cheap SEO service provider, your safari business is just like everybody else – even though that’s totally not the case. Your SEO strategy and plan need to be tailor-made to fit your unique business needs. On the other hand, professional SEO agencies build your strategy from the grassroots level, like dedicating time to learn about your safari services, your operating areas, and even how your competitors are working to drive quality leads. But those factors often get overlooked by cheap SEO service agencies.
  5. Reputational Risks – Cheap SEO services may use techniques that violate search engine guidelines, such as keyword stuffing or link schemes. These tactics can lead to penalties or even a complete ban on your safari website from search engines, which can be devastating for your business’s online presence. As they don’t have enough client partnerships, they cannot invest in authentic link-building strategies and their SEO activities are not fully dependable – which leads to direct reputational risks.

How Much Do Affordable SEO Services for African Safari Business Cost?

To state the truth, SEO cannot provide quick results for any kind of business, as it takes regular efforts, sustained over a long period of time in a strategic manner.

We have to consistently study our competitors who are already ranking higher on the search engine results. After analyzing we need to work towards producing informative content unique to our business, so that search engines will process it and give us a good ranking.

But what most cheap SEO agencies do is, provide SEO for your safari business within a range between 200$ – 500$ monthly. They don’t really have knowledge about which keywords are suitable for your business or what’s working for the competitors. All they present you at the end of the month is the links of some backlink work which has no result on your ranking or revenue.

But we, on the other hand, carry a realistic approach to provide you with SEO results. We offer revenue-generating SEO packages that quote around 2400$ on a quarterly basis. Because we need to work for a certain span of time to deliver what your safari business actually needs.

As we know how the real industry works, we take our time to give what matters like the number of inquiries & bookings for your services, traffic improvement to your website, and how your keywords are ranking in search engines.

Patience and time are what you need to actually have fruitful results by doing SEO.

How To Find Affordable SEO Agencies who Understand the safari business?

The mentioned points can be considered some of the most important aspects to look into when spotting an affordable SEO agency.

  1. Not promising to rank on page one of Google – As the ranking algorithms are complicated and change over time, only those who are producing quality content while satisfying your safari customers’ search intent, have the chance of ranking higher. So, no one can actually promise a high rank on the search results.
  2. Providing Quality backlinks – Reputed agencies will brief you about the websites they will be gathering or building links from. They make it very clear from the beginning itself.
  3. Long-term cooperation – Most of the successful agencies work with their clients for years to provide long-term benefits. So, when they offer their packages, they focus on long-term partnerships.

Start With Affordable SEO Packages and Scale Up Later

Cost shouldn’t be the only factor while considering an SEO package for your safari & tour business. You need to focus on reliability and their proven work record as well.

They need to consider your unique needs according to your budget, and the services you provide and create a customized SEO package that would help you grow.

We recommend, once you are satisfied with their services, you can always integrate advanced services as well as scale up on the partnership regarding work!

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